Thursday, January 1, 2009

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Welcome To Effortlessly Chic by KT

Effortlessly Chic Story-

I started Effortlessly Chic three years ago. And each year it has seemed to grow. From creating scarves for friends and family to making a sale to our state senator Susan Collins. Each step of the way I have learned something new. To understand my love for business and fashion we must start at the beginning.
The reason I have always wanted my own business was because of my childhood. I grew up in a family where the customer always came first. And that's no lie. my parents held a TV business for years out of our home. I remember my father talking to customers and answering their questions sometimes at eleven o'clock in the evening. He imparted to me the responsibility and privlege of running your own business and that guidance has helped me to start my own. It may be in a totally different direction from the business he had, but the values and principles I have learned are not.

Ever since I was little I have loved fabric. My mother and Great-Grandmother were such talented sewers. My Great-Grandmother would make dresses for my dolls and knit sweaters for my sisters and I. And my mother would make dresses for us, she having learned her talents from Great-Grammie. Some of the best times I have spent were up in Great-Grammies attic looking through all her fabric, "Take what you want dear," Grammie would always tell me. In the beginning I wasn't a very good sewer, but with care and patience my mentors (Great Grammie and Mom) showed me how to sew quality items and instilled in me a love for creating something on my own.

As effortlessly chic has developed into more than just a hobbie I have found I am more the creative end than anything else. I love picking out the seasons hottest colors and patterns to make into accessories for people to wear. In the beginning Effortlessly Chic was mainly scarves but in 2008 my sister Denise joined the company, she is my business partner and is the creative genius behind the handbags. She is so talented and her bags have been such a huge success. She enjoys sewing and I enjoy designing. A match made in heaven!
We love working together (most of the time)..And our talents combined have made Effortlessly Chic by KT what it is today. Denise loves to sew and come up with ideas for the setup at our events such as fairs and festivals. I love to design and sell. I love shopping for fabric and going to boutiques to make sales. We have two completely different personalities which make for exciting and new business ideas and products.
Thanks for visiting out blog and please feel free to visit our etsy store to make a purchase if you wish!