Thursday, September 10, 2009

Our Business Is Growing

Effortlessly Chic by KT Is growing. I started this company three years ago with the hope of people buying my products and it has flourished into more than a hobby and a dream, it has become a successful business.
My sister Denise and I are busy preparing for Fryeburg Fair. Which runs from October 4th thru the 11th. It is going to be an exciting week!
We have so many new and colorful fabrics we are going to be selling. And also we are introducing a new line called Moose-ly Chic, which features fabrics that celebrate the beauty and rustic quality of our state. We got so inspired just by taking a walk one day and we realized how blessed we are to live in such a gorgeous state. We knew we had to do something to show our appreciation for Maine. The fabrics are rich and vibrant, and include nature scenes of moose, loons, black bears and of course, the pine tree. It is a fun line and we are sure it is going to be a big hit.
As for Effortlessly Chic we are going to have fabrics from various designers and countries. Expensive silks from France and Italian linens. The fabrics were chosen with the seasons trends well in mind and are sure to not disappoint. I could keep writing but I have so much to do and make for our upcoming events. Please make sure you come by and say hi at the Fair and maybe even get yourself a chic accessory.....